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6.3. EXTRACT :

In this window, you can

- cut any part of the video

- change compression (codec) of the video

- save any frame of the video as picture

- save audio of the video into a wave file

Click Open AVI File button to open a video.

Here, you can extract parts from the opened video. Mark the beginning and the end points with left and right markers (green markers). You can extract either inside or outside part of the markers. Select any compression (codec) installed in your computer for creating the new extracted video file. You can also enter the frame numbers for the left (beginning) and right (ending) markers. Click Copy Selected Part To A New File button to extract the select part of the video into a new file.

If audio exists in the movie, audio will be extracted with the video. If you want to extract the video without audio, check ' Do not extract audio ' option.

Save Sound To WAV File : Click this button to extract the sound of the video into a WAV file.

Save Picture Of The Frame : Click this button to save the currently displayed frame to as picture file.

Open Photos Folder : Click this button to open the photos folder where BSR is saving the picture files.

Play New Created File : Click this button to open the new created video in the default media player.



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